Le jardin, in Hotel Richemond. Geneva

We booked a table at Le Jardin, knowing it would be a memorable meal. As we walked in we knew the staff was on point: they don’t give us stuffy looks for your casual ripped-up jeans and everyday sneakers (we had no time to change!). Of course, make an effort but no need to stress it. Cannes is for movie stars and Le Jardin is for genevan people.

Did you know they had lunch menu offers? For 39 ou 49 chf you get a menu du marché, and trust us on this one, it’s well worth it! Served in an hour upon request, their focus on local and sustainable products ( they were awarded the « Ambassadeurs du terroir genevois » ) will make a lasting impression for an international business lunch. Evenings have their set of menus too and for 95 chf you won’t leave disappointed.

Dessert here are AMAZING: You probably haven’t heard of Sébastien Quazzola’s fruit desserts yet but they will soon take trendy dessert presentations by storm! This amazing pastry chef is making a serious name for himself with these fruit-like desserts. I can’t tell you more or I’ll be ruining it for you but if you see an apple or a pear being served, it has crazy-dessert-moment written all over it.

As mentioned above, their effort to use genevan and local products has served them well. Fresh and delicious, you’ll be amazed at how they bring regional products to the next level. Talk about the Féra filets, fished straight from the Léman lake. Féra is a noble and traditional swiss fish, and with l’omble chevalier, they make for the lake good repute. Don’t get us started on the poultry from Nant-d’Avril, their truffles and honey from Geneva, or you’ll be booking before you know it!

Displayed throughout the lobby, tasteful artworks of their monthly invited artist are on show. For a hotel who’s bar hosted Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall and Mirò, it makes senseto keep the art vibe alive. Snap it or buy it, art will always be the small touch that makes life complete.



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