Living Room Bar&Kitchen in Hotel de La Paix. Geneva.

You are weary of a long week of work, and are desperate for a feet up, couch slouch, yesterday’s leftovers in your living room. As crazy at this sounds, you’ll feel more rewarded and happy by putting your shoes back on and taking a boat across the lake to the Hotel de la Paix.

As you enter the lobby, turn right to discover one unique and soft toned living room. Scandinavian contemporary chairs make for a confortable luxury seat and as you wonder how to indefinitely swap your home for this place, you may place your order for their afternoon tea. Indeed, if you’re not yet Julius Bär’s CEO or Firmenich’s next top manager and that a career at Nestlé isn’t an option, fear not for prices are somewhat reasonable (talking about Geneva here): tea to your liking, finger sandwiches for starters, scones and gorgeous pastries with rose petal jam will cost you 42 chf. With champagne count 49.IMG_5960.JPGIMG_5959.JPG

Presentation is glorious, and pastries are instagrammable enough for you to post them on your story. Words fail to describe all the flavors of these bits of heaven and what you thought would be a boring scone soon reveals a buttery and soft texture to remember. Have a look out the window: mountains and lake shall complete the experience.

Food is healthy, local and well presented. You can eat with your fingers without feeling like you’re unworthy of Queen Victoria’s heritage. Staff is super friendly and won’t give you the look for worn out jeans and your Sunday’s casual T-shirt. You can ask for more tea anytime and please don’t feel shy about bringing home the pastries you can’t finish, as you’ll be sad two hours later not to have eaten them ( Been there, done that).

No need to say that once you realize this is the tea heaven you’ve been dreaming of in Geneva, you’ll be coming here every time you need to settle your stomach after a crazy night out ( friday night clubbers this is about you).

Last but not least, the art chosen by the restaurant gives a great atmosphere to the place and will have you reconnect with your collector’s dreams: wouldn’t that canvas look great in our dinning room honey?IMG_5949


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