« La Religieuse » Geneva’s traditional cake

What Genevan cake is so secret it risks…extinction? It’s called La Religieuse and it’s baked at Hautlé, a charming and cosy little baker’s shop place du bourg-de-four 21. Almond paste, pâte feuilletée and meringue, sounds simple right? It definitely isn’t and the recipe is still a well guarded secret… It is Hautlé’s traditional pride and they have been fueling the whole city’s demands for more than 65 years. However, this cake has been enjoyed by genevan people for more than 135 years! It’s crusty and simultaneously airy texture make for a lasting experience.  Although I haven’t found out where it comes from exactly or who developed it, I am glad to have a new genevan tradition on my agenda! I personally buy this cake when we have friends over so that they can leave with a taste of my city. I’ve also seen this cake being served in several old households of Hermance and Champel.



La Religieuse comes in different shapes and sizes. This one here costs 9chf and serves 3-4 people. Hautlé has developed a religieuse spin-off, that you can order upon special request, where they remplace the almond paste by a raspberry one.

IMG_7546And you? Have you heard of any old or new genevan traditions? Let us know!

Bis Bald!


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