A local Geneva bakery: Parisserie the scented paradise…


Winter is coming, the cold brisk November mornings are damp and stiff… Sundays are spent at home, gladly hidden under a thick layer of blankets. At noon, some go for brunch at the city’s latest place to be, while others dish up eggs and beans. However, since I’ve been busy doing nothing the whole day, I only start to get hungry around 4pm. With no intention of going outside, I remember that I still have presents in my fridge that I had bought for an occasion… Shops will open tomorrow, and I’ll buy another gift. Parisseries you are mine now!

It was on a Saturday, after a talk at Luma Coffee with Les petits genevois , I decided to check out the Royaume Melazic. Unfortunatly, by the time we arrived, they had sold out all their cupcakes and only had a few biscuits left. Walking home, I see a beautiful and bright shopwindow, where stunning creations where on display.

First impression was a very good one: a soft and unctuous perfume spreads gracefully from the doorstep. To me, colors and scents are two compulsory pillars of every mouth-watering bakery, they wake my childish instincts alert. Parisserie meets my criteria hands down! I’m directly wandering around their macarons stand, already knowing I’ll be going home with dessert. I chose the 7 macarons box, which is quite beautifully designed ( Love their branding!). The Flavors I chose were: Rose, Passion fruit, Caramel, Coconut, Pistachio, Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry.

The most important question is: – do they taste good?

  • They taste fine, and I’d even say fantastic!
  • You can tell you’ve found a great place for macarons, when they disappear in less than a minute at a table of two…
  • Favorite flavors: passion fruit & caramel.
  • Will I buy more? Yes, and this is probably going to be my next food obsession. ( Find a place, go there everyday until it’s so obvious that you’re obsessed with their product that the awkwardness of the situation makes you detach yourself of the food in question and you move on to your next food mania…)

I also looked at their pastry, and I just had to chose one too! Strangely enough, it is forbidden to snap pictures inside, so I’m afraid I can’t show more than what I brought home. They had so many pretty cakes and pastry, I must add it was hard to choose… I finally set my heart on the « Rose » as I thought it would be a nice gift for my step mum.

But everyone know’s it’s a terrible idea to buy food for someone and plan to offer it two days later. So I decided to eat it ( I hope it’s not obvious that I’m a voracious dessert eater? ). Not only is it fancy but it’s tasty! I found it to taste like cheesecake with an almond aroma, and that to me is almost like heaven on earth. The vanilla mousse is super creamy, the almond biscuit is tender: smooth combination that suggests great know-how. With a strong black tea, it gives sense to the saying: « a sunday well spent brings a week of content »

I hope this article will make you think of them when looking for a gift. They opened just a year ago in Geneva, and they are located near Manor, a bit after place Grenus, at Rue Rousseau 1.  The staff is really friendly, and I’d love to see people like them succeed in our city, specially when they offer great handmade products! Here’s their link if you want to check them out: Parisserie . They also have great cakes and jams!

And you? What places have such a nice vibe, you’d like to see them succeed? Let me know!




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