Everyone likes Italian Delicatessen


« Everyone likes a little bit of luxury » have I heard recently. Well, my kind of luxury is fine Italian food, traditional savoir-faire passed on from one generation to another… As I was going home, I noticed some time ago this small delicatessen shop ( their products are so fine I dare not call it a grocery shop!). Located in Rue du Perron 12, a seldom used passage to the Cathedral from Molard, « Au Petit Comestible » displayed all kind of fancy italian wines I was sure to impress future guests with. So I went in. Oh my was I not ready for this Italian kingdom.


So first things first: this place is Panettone heaven. For those not familiar with the delicious traditional Italian cake, born in 1490 in Milan and worshipped ever since, it is a must-have of any Christmas. Toasted, jammed, or dipped into hot coco, it brings the kind of festive spirit we all yearn for in this end of year. Panettones come in all shapes and sizes, and with various ingredients added (you’ll learn more on their website, which is very informative!). I have already ordered mine straight from Italy, but next year I am definitely giving in to this superb selection. Bows and silvered ribbons always get the best of me…

pannetone petit comestible

When I say Italy what is the first thing that comes to your mind? PASTA. Well they have fresh pasta, fancy pasta, stuffed pasta, swiss selected Italian pasta… You can even order here for lunch if you want a small glimpse of Italian regions at noon. I didn’t necessarily need more pasta in my pantry, but these looked so nice I bought them! Can’t wait to dish up a nice meal with these cuties.


Part of why I love italian and « latin » food in general is the meat. I’ve been vegan for some years, but meat and Proscuitto just had me giving up every time. I was driven to becoming vegan because I believed in a better world, in quality food and responsible action towards crazy meat consumption. While it was nice and all, I realized it was too hard, even for me. So I started another approach: eat less but better. Buying meat, ham, Proscuitto or Mortadella at the market or the local grocery shop, makes all the difference. The quality for one, will have you choose the local retailer over the department store any day. Then, you’ll see how many things your missing out on! There’s so many specialities that shopping centers like coop and migros don’t offer yet… Take « Mortadella de sanglier à la truffe » which would translate into : »Wild Boar Truffle Mortadella »…Well you can even order it online at Au petit comestible! ( Mortadella de Sanglier a la Truffe ) I asked for 150g of this mortadella, and as he cut it, the truffle smell was so strong I thought to myself : »This is the real thing » . Two hours later, not a single slice was left…charcuterie petit comestible

The left side of the shop is furnished with wines, limoncellos and balsamic cremes. I haven’t had a chance to order any yet, but they looked carefully selected from all regions of Italy. They also offer a nice range of sweets and pastries, perfect for family christmas gifts!  This small shop is a true lucky find before the crazy christmas rush, and a beautiful way to help and serve local shops who deserve to be better known. Thanks to A. Malerba for the warm welcome and to all the italian generations that have crafted this generous luxurious food. wines petit comestibleIMG_7957And you? Any nice recommendations of grocery shops in geneva? Let me know!


Au petit comestible: http://aupetitcomestible.net/

Location: Rue du Perron 12, 1204 Genève

9-2.30 and 3.30-7

Closed on Sundays and Mondays



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