Bathroom essentials in Eaux-Vives, Geneva

Today I want to talk to you about two shops I particularly like: Cuppins, an amazing store in Terrassière and Bolia, a new furniture design store in Avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont.

Cuppins is a cute, pink, girly concept store located in 13 rue de la Terrassière. Already, before I became totally addicted to their cupcakes, I used to wish I could buy all the jewelry that I would see on display in their store window. Their earrings are particularly subtle, and I find prices for the quality quite reasonable ( prices range between 30 and 70 chf). I bought these monstera leaf earrings at 40 chf (if I remember correctly) and still get a lot of compliments on them. They have a good selection of bracelets, rings and necklaces too.

Cuppins concept store also hosts other brands that I like: WOUF, a barcelonan brand that I simply adore and Label Plume, a swiss calligraphy brand.

WOUF is a Spanish design studio founded in 2008 by Pablo Martinez and Alice Penaud in Barcelona. They specialize in innovative and avant-garde products like their iconic collection of donuts. True fashion accessories, their pockets with exotic prints bring a touch of cheerfulness to everyday life. Their products are of a very good quality and are made entirely in Spain. I bought one of their pockets at Cuppins and I just love it! I use it to store my make up and it brings some greenery to the bathroom. I’m planning on buying another one soon, as I saw they do computer covers too.

Downstairs, you’ll find a lot of cute and indispensable gadgets, like golden number ballons that everyone needs for their birthday, cactus candles, handmade garlands and confetti. I bought a golden cherry soap holder and some great soap there too: Res is a natural soap brand that is really super cute ( ok, I might have bought that because the packaging was on point…). However, the ethical and handmade stuff always has me swiping my card faster than the flash of a second. Label Plume  is a nice calligraphy brand, created in Lausanne in 2016, by two passionate girls who loved fashion, calligraphy and decoration. Head full of ideas, and a graphics and calligraphy training in their pockets, they decided to launch a small collection of articles with a touch of humor and poetry. I haven’t bought one of their mugs yet, but I know my mum will see one under the christmas tree very very soon…



But, we haven’t talked about the most important yet! Cuppin’s is best renowned for it’s great cupcakes, unicorn macarons, decorated biscuits and fantastic cakes. If you haven’t tasted their cupcakes yet, please remember to go buy some here. I am not joking. They are really really really really really really really good. OK? By the end of the day, there probably won’t be much left, and by the way, I advise ordering the small ones so that you can taste more of them. My favorites are the Spéculoos and Castagnette. The Castagnette is just too good… I had some friends over, and they weren’t ready for the fine selection of cupcakes I had bought: we ended up cutting cupcakes up into 5 because every one wanted a bit of the last ones….True story.

They also decorate cakes, and I just ordered a unicorn cake for my birthday! So pictures will follow soon. Their biscuits are good, but I find them a little expensive ( 6chf the biscuit). They are cute and well decorated, but I guess it’s more for a small gift than for yourself. Like this little cloud. nuage.jpg

Which brings me back, to the essential stuff: like bathroom essentials… right?

I love decorating. I’m not sure I’m good at it, but I like to think about every detail and go on a shopping hunt to find the exact item I want. It’s all about organizing beforehand and control. But that’s another story altogether, ahem. So, this month my mission was to find nice items for my bathroom. We just moved into a really nice flat, in a great neighborhood, with old wooden flooring. But guess what goes with old flats? Old bathrooms… I can trick myself into saying that the blue tiles bring a retro and vintage touch, but the sink is just… MEH. So I thought that a marble toothbrush holder would add some pizzaz. I spotted the Marmori series at Bolia . I spotted Bolia, in Avenue Picket-de-Rochemont 7, in Eaux-vives. I love the entrance! I would of probably went in anyway, just because of the entrance. Look at that stone work… bolia

Aaaaaand… I bought the Marmori series at Bolia ( isn’t it how it always goes… ). So now I’m super happy of my bathroom look! The Wouf Design, the marble decoration pot + toothbrush holder, and the golden cherry soap holder make for a style I like.


Oh, and as I was walking out of Bolia, I couldn’t resist the Lifestyle collection ( as always…). I bought the « Aurora » sponge, which I use to exfoliate my face. I works quite well and I like the idea of having a special sponge for my face.

And you? What concept stores in Geneva do you go to often? Let me know!





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