Unicorn cake, Macarons and Champagne: 23rd B-DAY

Birthdays are such a nice time to gather friends and family, and share a meal, a drink or just some time together. It’s the celebration of the day the person was born, and it’s a way of saying : « Hey, I’m glad you exist!  » For the lucky person that gets to host, it’s a way of treating friends and relatives and thank them for being in your life year after year, making you laugh and offering support in times of need. I hadn’t been able to celebrate my birthday for the past two years, being out of town or bad timing. So this year, I really wanted to do something fun, and most of all have good food!

So, when I started thinking about what I wanted to do I realized it was hard to come up with ideas after you turn 18. All those themed parties that seemed so fun at the time, are a throw-off now that we feel cranky at anything that would take up too much time. However, one thing never goes out of style… Champagne! Now that I’m older and working, I can actually afford the thing (or can I?!).

  1. order drinks for everybody

Planning is key here. No one wants to run out of selected drink two hours after the party started, yet you don’t want to be left with dozens of bottles the next day. A good rule is one bottle for three ( talking about champagne here). This means you need to know who’s coming and what drink is preferred. If all your friends prefer beer over mimosas, you’ll be left with a lot the next day. People should be happy to find their favorite drinks and serve themselves as if they were home ( take this young girl caught of guard by a friend at the party. I believe this is what good hosting looks like!)



2. A list of food

This is pretty basic too. If you know how many people will be coming and what kind of party you want to throw, food should be easy to plan. Personally, food is a big part of my life. I’m always waiting for special occasions (like birthdays!) to indulge in all the fatty and uber tasty stuff I don’t give into during the year. And that’s the main reason why I wanted to have a dessert buffet… I tried to rely on local bakeries and favorite neighboring shops. I found an amazing guy, who sells macarons in Annecy and Switzerland. He actually delivered four macaron pyramids right to our door. I can’t recommend him enough: he sells them cheaper than LaDurée or any other bakery in Geneva, (52 euros for 45 macarons) and has gone through an amazing international training. And he’s only 22! His business is called Alpes Macarons, I haven’t found their website address but: Here’s their Facebook link . I also ordered Chou ( the best Chou à la crème in Geneva) from Chou in Eaux-vives, truffle nuts from Olive & Co in the old town and all the rest from the cutest bakery in geneva: Hautlé. ( I talked about them already: they’re the only ones to sell Geneva’s traditional cake).

I ordered through Instagram, but I’m guessing you can order through the Facebook page too.


3. Find a cake

The cake is the masterpiece of the table. Choose it wisely. First obvious point: choose a cake that everyone will like. I know it’s your special day, but there’s nothing sadder than eating your raw matcha carrot cake by yourself and begging people to taste it. Do yourself a favor… After this undoubtedly necessary piece of common sense, also pay attention to presentation. I don’t know about you, but when I walk past a bakery I’ll only stop when it looks terrifically nice. Your guests will think the same: they will only accept empty calories if the cake looks like it’s worth it. And that’s why I chose this unicorn cake from Cuppin’s! It had such a success… Someone even texted me a few days later asking if there was any left and if they could have the leftovers!!! (True story)



4. Decorate : ballons, candles and flowers

I believe the mood of the party is set as soon as the guests walk in. So decorate! Ballons, pinatas and garlands create a joyful atmosphere. I found these really fun ballons at Figue Bazar, in rue du Nant. ballons

If you have funny candles, it’s time to take them out of the cupboard and show them off. Also, flowers are a must. It brings a touch of chic to any table, it’s the small detail that takes nice to beautiful 🙂



5. Dress nicely

You’re the hostess, and without taking it too far, it’s reasonable to say that if you put that much effort into preparing your party, looking nice and feeling good is a big part of the evening. I don’t wear this dress often ( it’s such a pain to wash…!) but I’m glad I made the effort and got out of my everyday jeans and oversize sweaters.

birthday flowers


And you? What’s the best cake you’ve had at a birthday? Any adresses? Let me know!


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