Krack a pipe at the Dynastie Bar in Geneva



Geneva is finally changing, from the small protestant city to the vibrant, you-have-to-be-in-the-know, eclectic city.  Bars and restaurants are opening every month and one in particular caught our attention: the Dynastie bar . They opened a few months ago, but they are already on top of their game. While most Genevans are well acquainted with the  rue Henri-Blanvalet bars and the numerous cocktail clubs of the quartier des Bains, the Dynastie Cocktail bar is situated in the Old Town of Geneva, and is one of it’s kind.

The cocktail menus

The cocktail menus are beautifully illustrated and colorful. Each cocktail matches a artful picture. The names are original and a description follows.




The interior

Located at Rue de la Cité, the doorstep is paved and the building is centuries old. However, the interior is renewed and modern, shelves at the entrance are full of taxidermy and glassed insects. Upstairs, a chandelier takes all the attention. A very confortable smoking-room is disposable. dynastie-bar-cocktail-geneve-interieur.jpg


The cocktails

Cocktails are always nice. So what makes this place stick out? Firstly, they have friendly prices: cocktails go from 14chf to 22 chf. In this neighborhood, that is the cheapest range you’ll find. Secondly, they put special care into the presentation: every cocktail has it’s own special glassware. This Cocktail pipe per example, is served for orders of « Krack a Pipe ». Cocktails come in different cups and jugs as you can see below.



If you feel a bit hungry, you’ll be glad to know they do affordable Charcuterie boards at 10 chf. One size serves 3 people.


dynastie cocktail geneva food


Have you been already? What cocktail did you try? Let me know!

Thank you to Dynastie Bar and Cocktail for providing some of the pictures.

Dynastie Bar à Cocktails

Rue de la Cité, 13
1204 Genève

Tel. 079.948.52.35



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