Fernwehgram in Ireland

kilkenny castle photo


A day around Dublin

In Dublin for a few days? That’s great! Here’s a bit of inspiration to hop on a bus for a day tour around Kilkenny, the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough.

Dublin is a must-do destination for all well-traveled europeans. However, visiting a city never feels fully satisfying until you get out of the noise and explore it’s surroundings. After a few days discovering the center, why not go for a day in the countryside?

Castles around Ireland

Ireland counts around 345 castles across it’s land. Small, tall, victorian or norman, the variety of castles should entice you to visit at least one. Kilkenny has a beautiful castle, which offers great insight into the Pembroke’s and the Butlers’ way of living. It’s is well known for it’s long art gallery and it’s stunning architecture.


Rooms are open to visit, and are knowledgable about ancient luxury perception. An extended dinning room displays the ways and manners of irish fine dinning.


Mountains of Ireland

Weather can change up to every ten minutes in Ireland. Due to it’s vast and wild landscapes, wind blows fiercly from one side of the country to the other. Ireland even chose to rely on wind as their renewable energy source. To have a taste of the strong breeze head on to the Wicklow Mountains. A national park, monastic sites and ruins, and even farms and sheep around Glendalough. Can’t get more rural than that.


And if you’re thirsty for more than a day out of the city, why not drive down to the moher cliffs?


This tour was hosted by the https://wildrovertours.com/kilkenny-wicklow-mountains-glendalough/ who drove us to Kilkenny, the Wicklow mountains ( http://www.wicklowmountainsnationalpark.ie/?page_id=34 ) and Glendalough.



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