At only an hour by car from Geneva, Annecy is a choice that often comes to mind when genevans are searching for a sun-filled day-trip.

Situated in the Rhône-alpes region, capital of the Haute-Savoie, Annecy evokes a colorful old town, turquoise waters and beautiful mountain scenery. On a typical sunday during high season ( april to october ), we gathered the best activities for your perfect #shortdistance travel.


Wander around the old town.

There’s a reason why people talk about these old-cobbled streets so much. Intertwined with canals and secret passages, the old town of Annecy is considered as one of the prettiest in France. The famous Palais de l’Isle offers a feast for the eyes.



Take your time on a sunny terrace.

The food offer in Annecy is broad, especially if you want to dive into regional offers based on cheese, fish and meat. For cheese you could opt for the fondue savoyarde (if you are from switzerland, this is a non-option though), or tartiflette, a regional recipe that includes a potato gratin and Reblochon, a traditional french cheese.  If your heart is set on fish, the usual restaurant would offer a variety of « petite friture », the lake’s smallest deep-fried fish, « Filets de Féra » and « Filets de Perche ». For meat, tartare is a signature french dish you’ll find almost everywhere.


Make provisions of local and regional-sourced market products

On sundays, stalls are out and present a diverse choice of local foods. Stack up on some fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as all sorts of delicatessen! Most of the products are sold directly from the producer himself.




Rent a boat and cruise the Lake of Annecy

The Annecy lake is famous for it’s turquoise waters and panoramic scenery. It is also amongst the cleanest lakes of Europe. Pack your bathing suit, sunglasses and go for a dive! You can rent a boat for 60 euros an hour (4 people) and explore this fairy-tale lake.


Ice Cream

ice cream

At every street corner you will find an ice-cream manufacturer. The competition is fierce, which results in a rise of quality. Ice-cream makers manufacture their ice-cream flavors on site, some even have up to 70 flavors on their menu! One of the oldest ice-cream makers in the city is « Chez Poustache », but if you’re into ordering a masta-gelato ( think 9 scoops…) you should check out « Chez Perriere ».



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