Teo Jakob, the bridge between industry and art

Teo Jakob is a swiss designer brand, founded by Theodor Jakob in Berne. It exposes a curated variety of interior design brands. In 1950, Theodor Jakob imported iconic design from the Bauhaus mouvement and from Italian and Scandinavian designers to Switzerland. He was a precursor of interior design at the time. Today, the brand is very active in the promotion of swiss interior designers, and gives out a yearly award at the HEAD in Geneva.

Teo Jakob works with Vitra, a swiss conception brand that creates the furniture. In 1957, the partnership between Vitra and Ray & Charles Eames propel them into history as furniture makers. Today, Vitra continues to work with independent architects and designers:

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

« The brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec live and work in Paris. Their oeuvre ranges from small everyday objects to architectural projects. They have worked with Vitra since 2000 and have contributed numerous designs to both the office and home collections. »


  Nuage Ceramic

« The shape of the Nuage vases made it’s first appearance in the oeuvre of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec in 2002. Reminiscent of a cloud, it was originally produced as a plastic shelf module that can be grouped into clusters or large-scale configurations. Eight tubular cavities pierce the flat surfaces of the modular element while also defining the form’s outer contours. Over the years, Bouroullec brothers have varied this shape and repeatedly incorporated it in their graphic work. »


Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi is the most well-known spanish architect. His works never went out of style, even when Modernista furniture seemed outdated.  » {Gaudi’s} integrated conception of architecture led him to pay attention, not only to structural calculations, but also to all the decorative elements, including furniture, that would form part of the building. » – Bd Barcelona Design

Calvet mirror 1902



Kurt Thut

He dreamed of becoming Switzerland’s number one architect, but found success in furniture design. Today, he is well-respected and recognized for the timeless elegance that emanates from his pieces. « Kurt Thut brought interior design from craftsmanship to art. » A short documentary from the RTS on Kurt Thut



Beds and furniture

Kurt Thut differentiated himself by rethinking the bed base. He created the « Scissor bed », which allied lightness and flexibilité for the customer.




Interview with L. Rossier

Teo Jakob is a monument of switzerland’s design industry, for anyone interested in the history behind commerce and art. We asked L. Rossier, who works at the Geneva shop in the Carouge branch, to chose 5 iconics of furniture design that you can find there :

« Well first, one of the most basic, stylish and famous furniture is the Le Corbusier armchair. That is a definite must-have. »

Lecorbusier Armchair

« Then, I have to mention the Charles Eames chairs. So the « plastic chairs ».

Eames plastic armchair

« There’s the of course the Saarinen table by Eero Saarinen, created for Knoll international. It is gorgeous. »

N.B: The collection created for Knoll includes the revolutionary Tulip collection from 1957, and became iconic during the postwar era. Eero Saarinen had a revolutionary approach to furniture design by combining simplicity and invention.

Saarinen high table

« There is also the USM furniture. We see them everywhere, and they are swiss! »

N.B: The USM furniture is mostly storage furniture, and has been on the market since 1965. It has become more than a classic of design worldwide. The artistic quality of the products have been recognized by the Moma Art Museum of New York, when they entered in their design collection (2001).

USM Haller Sideboard

« and finally, we can talk about the Toot Sofa, who has incredible design. »

NB: The Toot sofa is one of Pierre Lissoni’s most wide-spread works. As an architecte, decorator and interior designer, Pierro Lissoni works all over the globe for renown houses like Kartell and Living Divani. On the Toot sofa, he says:

« If it is true that every sofa is a sort of house inside the house, an autonomous island amidst the commun space of the house, Toot belongs to the category of houses in the trees: airy, suspended, uber-confortable…It can be used any way you want: with or without the backs, totally open or closed-in on itself, filled with cushions like a nest… » P. Lissoni

Cassina toot Piero

Pictures are from teojakob.ch



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