5 cosy hotels for a perfect swiss experience

Switzerland is a small country dominated by mountains, cows and chickens. In 2013, it was said that the number of hens outgrew the entire swiss population. While this means that you can’t expect too much city-hype, it also means that there’s plenty of nature left intact! Here are 5 of the best places to stay for a perfect swiss experience:


Auberge du Pont-du-Nant

Hidden away in Bex, in the center of a natural reserve, is the exclusive Auberge du Pont-de-Nant. Similar to a swiss chalet, it is recognized for it’s authentic cuisine specialized in seasonal products and for it’s charm. L’Auberge du Pont-de-Nant usually goes under the radar of the average tourist, as their website is in french and that you can’t book on booking.com or other booking sites. You’ll have to go the old fashion route and give them a call! Their rooms can accommodate from two to five people (perfect for families!) and have a fixed price: 50 chf per person. For one of the richest countries of the world, that is as cheap as you get. The jacuzzi can be rented for 10 chf per night.


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Price: 50 p.p. per night
location : Bex, Switzerland


Auberge aux 4 vents


Fribourg is a bilingual town in the west part of Switzerland. Host to the beautiful Gruyère region and the Pré-alpes, nature isn’t out of the equation in this part of the country. L’auberge aux 4 vents may be a one-of-a-kind hotel. This hotel prides itself in being one of the best kept secrets of Fribourg. Everything is slightly quirky: from the room with a rolling bathtub to the beds in the garden…  Their rooms and outbuilding will range from 1 to 4 people, and their restaurant brings in-the-know locals weekly.  Prices are higher, going from 120chf for a single room to 300chf for a couple in the Cupidon suite, but life is made of exceptional moments and here’s a great place to create some!




Price: starts from 120 single room // 220 double room 
Location: Fribourg


Coucou Hotel 

Montreux is notoriously famous because of it’s summer jazz festival: the Montreux Jazz. But there is much more to do there before and after the jazz event! From Rochers-de-Naye to the breathtaking views from a simple stroll by the lake, nature pours out it’s luxury everywhere you look. The Coucou hotel describes itself as a stylish mountain hotel and restaurant in Montreux. Made entirely of wood, as every respectable swiss chalet, it offers a panoramic terrace, a reputed restaurant ( The Mountain café)  that identifies with brasserie dishes and traditional swiss meals. Their meat comes from their neighbor David, a regional cow farmer. Rooms can accommodate up to 4 people and their rates usually average 80 chf per night for two people.



Price: from 80 chf a night for 2 
Location : Montreux



Hotel de l’Ours 

Mont-Vully is located in the low part of Fribourg, which includes today the location of Sugiez. This small part of Bas-Vully is close to the Morat lake, and offers great walks and views. Moreover, the Hotel de l’Ours is a hidden paradise for wine lovers. The hotel still has it’s own antique wine cellar! With 800 different wines offered for tasting, the Hotel de l’Ours is a unique destination for wine enthusiasts. The restaurant offers a daily special at 21.50chf and the spacious rooms start at 220chf for a double. 



Price: starts from 220 chf for 2 
Location : Sugiez  


Domaine du Burignon

The Lavaux region is the result of nature and man working together through agriculture to produce two of the best things ever: an incredible landscape and regional wine. Lavaux is classified UNESCO world Heritage, and the quality of wine you will taste here is one of the best in Switzerland. St-Saphorin is a commune of the Lavaux region that rassembles many vineyards including the Domaine du Burignon.  Imagine waking up to a perfect blue sky that melts into the deep blue Léman lake… That’s the picture-perfect view you can get from their Terrace. Wine tastings on the terrace are available from May throughout September. Rooms accommodate from 2 to 6 people, and the « Appartement Léman » rents for 230chf for 4 people.



Price : 230 for 4 people 
Location : St-Saphorin, Lavaux


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