When summer comes around, most of us travel around Europe or fly to the other side of the planet. We won’t deny the beauty and excitement that arises when you set foot on a new land, but have you ever thought of how important it is to actually get to know your home country before going abroad? A recent survey of Wegotravel across Asian countries revealed that countries like « Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia (80 percent) felt that their own countries were so culturally diverse that it was generally unnecessary to travel beyond their own borders to experience others. There was also a consensus that it was not possible to truly appreciate other cultures before understanding your own ». Traveling in your country before going abroad helps understand your country’s place in the world.

Isn’t it the same with Switzerland? With 4 different languages, 26 cantons and more than four hundred 3000meter mountains, it should offer quite a few sights and adventures. As the saying goes : « the more you seek out new things, the more will be revealed to you ». Type switzerland travel in your google search bar and you will see pictures of snow, lakes, wildlife, moutains, cities and small villages. There’s something for everyone and since it’s a small country, most of your destinations can be reached within a few hours of travel, and many will be places you’ve never heard of before!

Crestasee is one of them and is situated between Trin et Flims, in the Graubünden area. Graubünden,  is one of the most touristic places of Switzerland and it makes sense to start exploring swiss nature around here. The Crestasee, or « Lag la Cresta », as they say in Rumantsch, is a 120m large turquoise reflecting lake, hidden in a clearing of the forest. You can do an easy 1hour hike  from Trin Dorf or take a postal bus from Chur that drops you off at a 3 minute walk. If you choose to hike there, you’ll be going across some forest.The whole path is fairly easy and can be done with children.



Lag la Cresta will be moderately crowded, but with few tourists. (You might even hear some Romansch here – it’s the fourth national language of Switzerland and is spoken by only 60 000 people worldwide – which is a mix between german, swiss-german, french and italian). Therefore, most of the hike you will be alone with some breath-taking views. From Trin take the Hauptstrasse down Digg and see for yourself how gorgeous Switzerland can be!


After a refreshing and rewarding dip into Lag la Cresta’s crystal clear waters, you might want to continue your hike. One option is to walk around the lake and up to Flims (about 1hour walk), where you can catch a postal bus that will bring you back to Chur’s main station. On the way up, if you turn around from time to time you’ll see the lake hiding behind trees. A beautiful reminder of how much of a local secret this lake is.

First picture is without any type of edit, and the second one is for my instagram of course. (These are different pictures by the way).

Lag la Cresta 

Once you arrive to the lake, you’ll want to swim in it and you’ll probably stay there a few hours. Families, friends and locals seem to see the Crestasee Badi as a place where you take your time, so blend in and don’t rush. You won’t want to anyway. The turquoise waters and whispering trees will enchant you…


The water is extremely pure, you could drink it without doubt: the inflow is so strong, that the lake water is renewed every 4 days. Changing rooms are available at the cost of 7chf.  crestasee


Accomodation & Food

Accomodation is available in Laax, Flims and Trin. However the closest hotel to the Cresta lake is the Crestasee Gasthaus .

Bringing your own food isn’t a problem as their is plenty of space to sit on the grass and share a pic-nic, but if you haven’t had time to prepare anything the Crestasee Gasthaus offers a great choice of snacks, lunches and swiss specialities with a direct view on the lake.

Hope you enjoyed the read and that it will inspire you to go seek out beauty and nature!

What are your favorite mountains spots of Switzerland? Let us know!

View on the way to Crestasee




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